Learning To Be Patient



This is probably as much a note to self as anything else, but an important one nonetheless.

An online presence is virtually a must-have for anyone attempting to expand their business or personal brand. But there are different ways we each ought to go about it.

An advertiser must generate content exclusively for their audience, using trending keywords, trackbacks and hashtags to hit the mark with their target audience. The typical objective is virality and anything less than that is considered a failure to most advertisers.

Artists on the other hand, should follow their intuition for creativity. If the artist becomes too big, instinct will often trigger anxiety or nervousness and can impact output. Sometimes it can cause an artist to push new boundaries which may not appeal to their current fan base, but it may attract new fans. But sometimes it even can be less appealing to everybody.

While many of us create for our own sense of self-worth, it is ultimately rather important for our art to matter to other people as well, and therefore trying new things can be frightening. But our true fans, (those who engage based on a connection with us, not because of a clickbait link or a misleading but attention-grabbing heading,) are the only people whose opinions we should really care for, other than our own.

In the internet age it can be very difficult to find pure, real work. Authenticity is as rare as hen’s teeth. Everyone is attempting to advertise themselves. We need to be part artist / part advertiser. But it’s important not to sacrifice your heart and soul just to gain clicks.

We must remember to remain true to our art, the enjoyable part of it. Steady growth with the right type of supporter base is better than mindless clicks, shares and likes.

Be patient.




G’day, how’s it going?  Welcome to my new look website. I hope you can find your way around easily enough. It’s going to take some time for me to get everything up and working smoothly, so please bear with me.

Essentially this is a merging of my old website, (same url,) and my old blog, (totally different entity.)

I intend to post my art work here as well as any articles I might decide to write and perhaps a meme or two and some other bits and pieces that might crop up also. It will be heavily focused on, but not limited to, my love of art and literature.

So if you’re not already connected via other means, I hope you can join me on FacebookInstagram and Twitter and let’s have some fun!